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What is the "Sushi Bar" manufacturing for?

President and CEO Izumi expresses that Shin-Nihon Tech is aiming to become a “Sushi Bar” style manufacturer. It supplies seasonal fish (or Products) timely and vigorously like a “Sushi Bar”. He refers to “seasonal fish” as expertise which can meet the needs of the times and “vigorously” as in time or punctually.
We always keep in mind the notion that we are a manufacturer to present solutions to customer true needs.
He emphasizes that customer requests always accompany cost reduction, far shorter turnaround time, but they should not be their true needs. We must always be a company who can accurately meet customer true needs, not only satisfying customer requests.

Shin-Nihon Tech Inc. was founded to manufacture slide fastens, since then our company has consistently promoted and enhanced our Engineering Development and Micro Manufacturing Technology. Currently we are specialized in ultra precision stamping dies / injection molds, custom-made mold parts, and functional mold parts with our proprietary value added.
While we are sure that our “ultra precision molds” and “custom-made molds” are capable of responding earnestly and precisely to the sophistication and diversification of customer needs, we have been continuing our development efforts to supply “functional mold parts” not only enriched with accuracy and quality enhancement, but also with far higher functionality (added value) added that exceeds the market expectation to solve manufacturing challenges.