We are going ahead of the needs of the times to create the future of ultra precision machining

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Shin-Nihon Tech Supply Seasonal Fish (or Products)
timely and vigorously like a "Sushi Bar".
What is the "Sushi Bar" manufacturing for?

We can provide products to improve productivity

Ultra Precision Mold Parts Machining

Functional Mold Parts
Improve productivity by bringing out the best in dies/molds.

Injection Molds

Aren’t you suffering from stringing,
drooling or resin hardening
during molding?
heat barrier hat


patentedPCD Dicing Blade

Surface Treatments

Adhesive-Removing Solvent
(Adhesive film cutting blade cleaner)
Custom-Made Dies / Mold Parts
Respond earnestly to the sophistication and diversification
of custmer needs
Temperature Control
Machining environments are strictly
controlled to achieve ultra
precise machining.
Temperature Control

Design・Manufacture - Ultra Precise Stamping Dies & Injection Molds
(for Electronic Parts and Precision Machine Parts)

  • Stamping Dies
  • Plastic Injection Molds